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About Us

We are a local - family owned and operated business - in business since 2006. Our goal since the beginning has been to have your school uniform in stock the day you order the item.  With that said there are times that we do run short in some sizes.  If your item is not available the day you enter our store our goal is to have it to you within one week.

We started in 2006 with two small accounts - working out of our garage and taking orders over the internet.  Ten years ago we opened our first brick and mortar store along with expanding our internet services. We currently have over 35 schools that depend on us for their school uniforms. 

As in the beginning, we still print 95% of all our products locally.   We strive to keep our pricing down so everyone can afford their uniforms.  Every summer we have a sale to help cut the cost even more for familes. 2022 was our first price increase in 5 years.  Our prices for apparel items increased 15% to 25% the previous 18 months. We were forced to increase our prices by 5% to 12% starting January 2022. We hope that prices will come back down from our vendors and at that time we hope to lower our prices back down.

If you have any questions - please feel free to stop by our store, give us a call, or contact us through our CONTACT PAGE. 


Since we are a family business and mostly a seasonal business, our store hours change through out the year.  Our calendar is always posted on our website. Search engines sometimes do not update their store hours so it is best to check our website or to call us.